Ethiopia Tamiru Tadesse Shafeta Anaerobic

Ethiopia Tamiru Tadesse Shafeta Anaerobic


Ethiopia Tamiru Tadesse Shafeta Anaerobic

[ 1 ] Coffee

Country: Ethiopia
Farmer: Small Holder Farmers 
Producer: Tamiru Tadesse
Variety: JARC 74158 
Process: Anaerobic Natural
Region: Alo Village, Bensa Woreda


[ 2 ] Notes

Roast degree: Light
Flavor notes: Candied Lime - Passionfruit - Fairly Floss
Acidity ●●●●○
Body ●●●●○
Sweetness ●●●●●
Balance ●●●●●

[ 3 ] Story 


Tamiru Tadesse

Tamiru Tadesse was born at the heart of the coffee region, Bensa Sidama in Ethiopia.

In 2020. he established Alo Coffee to support local farmers where he grew up. He then built a main processing station in Alo Kebelle, a village new to growing coffee due to the high altitude estimated to be above 2,400masl.

Many considered it to be a risky move as a lack of infrastructure and experience in the area, however the risk paid-off in 2021 when he became the winner of CoE with an anaerobic lot with coffee produced and processed at an altitude at 2,450masl. 


Variety JARC 74158

This variety was named by Jimma Agricultural Research Centre (JARC) back in 1971. It was introduced to Ethiopia as a movement to test and select coffee trees that have a good disease resistant for farmers to grow.

The number represents

74 (The year the seed was collected)

158 (Varietal number)

This particular lot, Shafeta was grown at 2,400masl. Due to the extremely high altitude, the tree produced tiny coffee cherries. And this contributed to its unique taste.


[ 4 ] Brewing

Grind Particle Size Guide
V60/Kalita > Aeropress > Clever Dripper > Plunger / French Press

Coffee to Water Ratio
55-60g of coffee: 1L of water

Grind size - Table Salt like / Coffee 12g: Water 200g / Water temp 93C / Inverted method. Steep 2min and quick stir and push

-Clever Dripper
Grind size - Table Salt like / Coffee 12g: Water 200g / Water temp 93C / Steep 2min and drain

-Plunger / French Press
Grind size - Table Salt like (finer than above)  / Coffee 60g: Water 1000g / Water temp 93C / Steep 5min, gently push down the crust with a spoon, plunge it gently 

Grind size - Coarse ground pepper-like/ Coffee 15g: Water 250g / Water temp 92C / Total brew time 2:00-2:30. Pour water in 4 phases, keep the water level above the coffee bed.

Trouble Shooting

If the coffee tastes:
  • Too weak and dry finish ➞ Grind Finer
  • Too strong and sour ➞ Grind coarser
But keep the coffee to water ratio always the same.

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