How to make the best ice filter coffee with Aeropress

How to make the best ice filter coffee with Aeropress


You probably all know what an Aeropress is, but in case you need a little refresher you can hit this link.


Aeropress is my all-time favorite coffee brewer.

It's so easy to carry anywhere. It doesn't require a fancy brewing gear and it makes damn good coffee from strong coffee to filter brew.

All you need is a decent grinder, boiled water, and a scale if you want to be precise.


I live in Sydney, Australia, and summer is approaching.

There is nothing like enjoying nice ice coffee on the beach or camping on a hot summer day.

Ice filter coffee is essentially a stronger filter coffee diluted with ice cubes. Master this recipe and impress your family and friends this summer!! 



Here is what you'll need to make the perfect ice filter coffee:

  • 1 x Aeropress kit
  • 1 x Scale
  • 1 x Grinder
  • 1 x Server 
  • 150g x Ice cube
  • 12g x Coffee *Grind setting is really important!!
  • 150g x Hot water


*Grind coffee a bit finer than usual filter setting to avoid under-extraction.

This will help you to extract coffee properly but stronger than usual filter coffee. The half of the ice will melt to dilute the coffee strength to be enjoyable.



Inverted Method:  This is my favorite technique using Aeropress and you can find more details here.

  1. Put ground coffee and hot water in a chamber
  2. Steep for 2min and quick stir
  3. Put a filter and a cap
  4. Gently press into a server full of ice cubes
  5. Pour the coffee into your favorite cup and enjoy!!





Oh, I know the perfect coffee for an ice filter!!

You can order from here.




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