What happened in Australian Coffee Roasting Championship? Part 2

Takumi of Brut coffee scoring coffee for Australian Coffee Roasting Championship 2019 in Melbourne

I knew my roast and plan were good...

I received an email from ASCA for the results stating that I was selected to top 6.


Earlier, I submitted my 500g of roasted coffee along with my roasting plan which includes:

Green Bean Analysis

Q: Moisture contents/ Density/ Screen size (3 greatest number of beans *350g)
A: Moisture: 9.7%,
    Density: 0.684g/ml,
    Screen size: 95.9g (size 19), 109.2g (size 18) 82.2g (size 17)

Q: Color and odor
A: Color: Yellowish green, Odor: Neutral

Q: Country of coffee, Name of coffee, Variety, Process
A: Guatemala/ El Socoro/ Pacamarra/ Natural


Q: Start temperature and end temperature
A: Charge (Start bean temperature probe) at 200C, finish at 198C.

Q: Start weight and end weight 
A: Start 600g, end 529g (12% loss)


Q: Describe the final cup quality
A: Acidity: medium high-Mandarine, orange, honey
    Sweetness: High -Candy
    Body: High heavy, honey-like mouthfeel

Q: What kind of approach and why?
A: Separate the screen size and roast with 200g batch size to maximize the convection heat transfer to achieve super light, fully-developed, yet clean cup.
    Q: What equipment did you use? 
    A: Roaster Diedrich IR1, LPG Gas, Drum RPM 44.
        Density Graduated Sylinder.
        Moisture Coffee Pro Moisture MAC

      You will receive a high score based on how accurate you have roasted according to your plan, and of course, cupping score by 3 judges.

      A total of 20 coffee roasters around Australia participated. Our roasts were cupped and scored blindly, and the top 6 were selected. 

       Top 6 (+Ben Toovey from the last year’s champion): 

      I knew my roast and plan were good, but being the top 6 made me somewhat relieved and excited. The National Championship was set on 29th May 2019. 

      For the preparation, I researched the roasting machine which will be used in the competition

      -Diedrich IR 2.5kg.

      It was essential for me to understand the machine specifications; airflow, drum size, drum speed, and heat application before the competition. Every roster behaves differently but knowing these specifications would allow me to find a good profile very quickly. 

      For the record, the unknown coffee we have roasted was,

      • Country: Indonesia Sumatra
      • Farm: Gayo Mountain
      • Variety: Bourbon / Ateng Super
      • Process: Natural 

      Yes... I guessed all wrong except the process. I have to say that coffee was nothing like I have ever tasted from Indonesia.

      Well done to those who correctly guessed it!!

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      Takumi of Brut coffee sorting green bean coffee by hand for Australian Coffee Roasting Championship 2019 in Melbourne

      What happened in Australian Coffee Roasting Championship? Part 3


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