Brazil Jean Vilhena Yellow Catuai 62 Aerobic Laid Barrel

Brazil Jean Vilhena Yellow Catuai 62 Aerobic Laid Barrel


Brazil Jean Vilhena Yellow Catuai 62 Aerobic Laid Barrel

[ 1 ] Coffee

Country: Brazil
Farmer: Jean
Farm: Santa Monica
Variety: Yellow Catuai 62
Process: Aerobic Natural, Laid Barrel Yeast
Region: Ibiraci, Minas Gerais


[ 2 ] Notes

Roast degree: Light
Flavor notes: Mango - Pineapple - Dark Honey
Acidity ●●●○○
Body ●●●●●
Sweetness ●●●●●
Balance ●●●●○

[ 3 ] Story 

Yellow Catuai 62

Catuai variety is a cross between Mundo-novo and Caturra, and originally made by the Institute Agronomico (IAC) of Sao Paulo state in Brazil. Catuai is known for a highly productive plant, as it grows low and dense which makes it easy to harvest and treat disease. It is highly susceptible to leaf rust.

So what is 62 then?

Embrapa agricultural research corporation in Brazil, further developed Catuai variety using different strains. In total there are about 10 different Catuai sub varieties exist in the world. 

This Catuai 62 has the most resistance for leaf rust and has a higher cup quality.


Finca Santa Monica

Finca Santa Monica is located in the Alta Mogiana region, in the district of Ibiraci. The characteristics of the farm are privileged due to the microclimate of its location.

The owner, Jean, focuses 100% on high-grade specialty coffee with a modern vision. He constantly seeks and invests in better infrastructure, quality coffee variety and advanced processing technique. For this lot, Jean kept the coffee fermenting in laid barrels with a specific strain of yeast.

This processing method enhances the sweetness and the fruity flavour notes. 

[ 4 ] Brewing

Grind Particle Size Guide
V60/Kalita > Aeropress > Clever Dripper > Plunger / French Press

Coffee to Water Ratio
55-60g of coffee: 1L of water

Grind size - Table Salt like / Coffee 12g: Water 200g / Water temp 90C / Inverted method. Steep 2min and quick stir and push

-Clever Dripper
Grind size - Table Salt like / Coffee 12g: Water 200g / Water temp 90C / Steep 2min and drain

-Plunger / French Press
Grind size - Table Salt like (finer than above)  / Coffee 60g: Water 1000g / Water temp 90C / Steep 5min, gently push down the crust with a spoon, plunge it gently 

Grind size - Coarse ground pepper-like/ Coffee 15g: Water 250g / Water temp 90C / Total brew time 2:00-2:30. Pour water in 4 phases, keep the water level above the coffee bed.


Trouble Shooting

If the coffee tastes:
  • Too weak and dry finish ➞ Grind Finer
  • Too strong and sour ➞ Grind coarser
But keep the coffee to water ratio always the same.

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