Brew coffee at home with Carlos Escobar

Carlos Escobar brewing at Australian Brewers Cup Championship 2020

Brew recipe using Origami Dripper 


When I decided to release this coffee "Colombia Jardines del Eden Castillo Fiesta. I knew straight who I wanted to reach out.

Carlos Escobar, he is unmistakably Colombian, and the current number 2 ranked Australian Brewers Cup Championship.

I have known him for quite some times. He is always energetic and enthusiastic of his work, his customers and everything about coffee. Especially when it comes to Colombian coffee. ; )

As a matter of fact, when I cupped this coffee "Fiesta", he was there right next to me, and we were so excited about the impossible flavours in the cup.

He gladly shared us his special recipe using Origami Dripper.

Give it a go with this recipe, so you can brew it like an Australian Brewers Cup Champion (soon to be).

Here you go. 


Please introduce yourself.

Hi, I'm Carlos Escobar. Born and raised in a coffee growers family in the centre of Colombia.

I couldn't scape my calling and found myself dedicating my life to what I always knew I was meant to do. I tried to do something different and even finished an Engineering degree and completed an MBA, but all that effort only made me change the way I think and solve problems in the industry i love, Specialty Coffee. 

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What do you do? 

I am a sales/account manager at Toby's estate coffee.

Their vision of the industry and focus on innovation and education convinced me to join the team. I am just starting but I'm already very excited of what the future can look like. I have the honour of guiding their Sales Team and get them to believe on what I have always tried to achieve, "Sales with Ethics".


What is your biggest achievement?

2nd raking in the Australian Brewers Cup Championship 2020.

My strengths are more focused in the commercial and leadership side of the industry, but I am a brewer aficionado by nature.


What is your favourite coffee origin?

Colombia, of course!!

My dad would slap me on the face if I'd dare to say something different to my home country!

But we also have the most innovative and talented farmers in the world!! 


Do you have any hobby or passion?

I love high intensity training, F45 is where I release all that extra energy that 6-7 coffees a day gives me!  


What is your favourite brewing technique and brew gears?

My favourite brewing gear is Origami Dripper.

Here are my set ups:

  • Comandante
  • Acaia pearl
  • Fellow Stagg EKG
  • Origami dripper
  • Kalita flatbed paper filters


What coffee are you brewing today?

BRUT Coffee 1 Year anniversary edition Colombia Jardines del Eden Castillo "Fiesta"

Honestly, this lot is one of the most impactful and vibrant coffees i've ever tried.

This kind of coffees excite me for where the industry can get. I believe this is just the surface of the iceberg of what we can start seeing from Colombian coffees! 


Brew recipe using Origami Dripper

Tell us about the recipe using BRUT Coffee.

  1. Turn the kettle on to 91C
  2. Grind 15g of coffee using Comandante (26 clicks) 
  3. Pre-wet and heat Origami with flatbed filter
  4. 230g of water divided as it follows:
    • 50g circular pour and let the coffee bloom for 60 seconds 
    • 90g circular pour and let it drain for 60 seconds 
    • 90g centre pour 

 Total brew time 2:45

Please describe the notes.

Dry aroma: 
Orange zest, mandarine pulp, coffee blossom
Hot - Medium high citric acidity, silky texture, notes of mandarine, a hint of floral (Jasmine)

Cool - Orange, sugar cane, panela. Sweetness increases in a very balanced "orange juice" note, the citric acidity turns a bit phosphoric, and body gets juicier and juicier. Very lingering and pleasant aftertaste.


Any special tips?

When you know how they've processed this coffee, you understand the most important aspect to highlight is the acidity.

This is why I aimed to have a coarse grind size that doesn't compromise balance and sweetness (I ended up with 26clicks in Comandante grinder). I normally let coffees properly degas and age before brewing, but to ensure the 3 pulse extraction is even I let the bloom go for 60 seconds which ensures all the internal particles of the coffee get completely saturated so the water can pass through without the gases interfering in the process. 

As we all know, after coffee,  water is the most important variable in a brew, for this specific coffee I looked for a soft water that could express all the citric notes the processing method aims to get.

I started with PureAu and added 30ppm Mg, 30ppm Ca, and 15ppm K. 

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