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Todd Souter coffee brew recipe

Brew Recipe using Kono Dripper 


I am so honoured to introduce my friend Todd Souter. He is a veteran Barista competitor, educator and cafe owner. His knowledge and brewing techniques are world class and I have been following him for a while now. And you should too!! (He has so many amazing contents for coffee brewing)

He kindly shared us his special brewing recipe using BRUT Coffee.

So here you go!!


Please introduce yourself.

Hi, I'm Todd Souter, I've been making coffee for over 12 Years.

I have competed in Barista Competitions in Australia since 2015 (Southern Regionals and Nationals 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019). 

I am now a part owner/share holder in 'Sub-Zero Coffee' (Instagram: @subzerocoffee) which is a small company of 3 employees specializing in sourcing, freezing and brewing only amazing coffee.

I also have a website ( where I have a blog, zoom classes, lessons, etc to help other Baristas on their journey to keep improving and reach their full potential.  

What do you do? 

I'm currently at the 'Sub-Zero' cafe in St Kilda on weekdays.

In my spare time, it's pretty coffee focused, coffee obsessed. I'm always trying to find new ways to make better coffee and pushing myself to be a better Barista and trainer.

I can't sit still for too long (ha ha).


What is your biggest achievement?

Two really big achievements:

 I placed 8th overall at National Barista Championship 2018, coached by Kirk Pearson. Not bad but I know I can do much better. 

Last year 2019 I also went to origin for the first time with Project Origin.

During the 3 weeks in Honduras, I shadow judged at the 'Best of Honduras: Late Harvest 2019' Competition.

Cupping coffees with the producers, making filter for the producers was a massive highlight for me. Very rewarding experience.

I hope to one day visit Ethiopia (specifically Yirgacheffe, Gesha Village and Guji Masina).

Everyone in coffee should go to origin. It will give you a new appreciation for high quality coffee and for the Producers (that's a tough gig). 

What is your favourite coffee origin?

Ethiopia definitely.

My first Specialty Coffee Experience was a Washed Ethiopia, Yirgacheffe Espresso at Monk Bodhi Dharma in 2011, totally blew me away and opened up a whole new world of flavour potential, I was hooked. I had to know more.


Do you have any hobby or passion?

Coffee and Frozen Coffee! I'm really into Chess at the moment, playing online as well. I'm a big movie fan, lots of Science Fiction and Horror movies - sometimes it's good to focus on something other than coffee, just to keep it fresh, keep it interesting.  


What is your favourite brewing technique and brew gears?

I'm really liking the Kono dripper at the moment - everything just gets the flavour dial turned up. 


What coffee are you brewing today?

BRUT Coffee vol.13 Panama Hacienda La Esmeralda Geisha Leon 71 AMS.


Brew recipe using Kono Dripper

Tell us about the recipe using BRUT Coffee.

  1. Turn the kettle on to 99C
  2. Grind 15g of coffee using EK43 dial 14.1(w/micro dial)
  3. Rinse the paper filter, and warm up the dripper and the server
  4. Put the coffee in the dripper and pour 240g of water (30g, 30g, 80g, 80g pours, pouring every 30 seconds) 
  5. 2:37 Total Brew time


Please describe the notes.

Pink lady Apple, Cantelope, Caramelised Pineapple,  White Flowers, Apricot Jam 
Hot - Lemonade, Sparking Citrus (Lemon Squash),  White Grape, Panella Sugar

Cool - Fermented Pineapple, White Wine/Chardonnay, Vanilla, Lime, Lactic/Creamy and Juicy Texture 


Any special tips?

I used 15g of coffee for 240g water, for the consistency and changing one variable at a time).

I used an EK43 grinder with a variance of 0.02mm, and used a small whisk to redistribute the grinds after grinding at room temperature - this has a lot of benefits in terms of flavour and improving the finish of filter coffee (helps to minimise any edges and low quality tannic flavours). 

I tried 3 different brew temperatures 91C, 96C, 99C. And i had the best result from using 99C water. It increased the texture and aroma. It also gives you more time to enjoy the flavours as they transition from hot to cold.




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