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James Perry Brewing Coffee

Brew recipe using April Pour Over Brewer 


Whether you are a coffee professional or enthusiast, you should have heard his name by now, James Perry. (Assuming everyone uses Instagram, right?)

He is one of the most genuine coffee professionals I know and he shares all his recipes and tricks through his Instagram page and website.

Not only he is super knowledgeable, he also has fun brewing coffee and experiments a lot. 

This is something I really enjoy learning from him and so should you! 

For those who want to know him more, here is an interview and brew guide using his favourite brewer April Pour Over Brewer.

Here you go. 


Please introduce yourself.

I’m James Perry, founder of James Perry Coffee and Bedst Coffee, which is an online store and pop up importing and sharing Nordic coffee!

Follow his awesome instagram page too!

What do you do? 

I always like to say my job is to talk about coffee all day! I’m a coffee educator and media person for Redbrick Coffee in Canberra ACT.


What is your biggest achievement?

3rd place in the Regional NSW Aeropress championship.

Trophy wise this was my biggest achievement.

My proudest achievement is doing my first coffee pop up and launch of my brand Bedst coffee last Sunday!


What is your favourite coffee origin?

I always answer Ecuador.

I’ve had such incredible coffees from there. 
I love the purple fruits and sherbet vibrancy balanced with sweet brown sugar flavours, particularly from the Sidra varietal.


Do you have any hobby or passion?

Food, cycling and photography are my main hobbies outside of coffee!

I love all sorts of food and spend most of my weekends finding places to eat out!

What is your favourite brewing technique and brew gears?

My favourite brewers are Kono and the April brewer! Both drippers elevate sweetness so much for me and perfectly suit my style of brewing.

For the grinder, I use Kinu grinder mainly, but I tend to use Comandante grinder for experimental brews.

I love my Acaia scales (I have all three of them) and Fellow Stagg Kettle to achieve precise brew. 

And don't forget the most important ingredients "Water". I use Aquacode and it has become my standard water. It adds so much depth and complexity to coffees!

Here are my set ups:


What coffee are you brewing today?

Today I’m brewing BRUT Coffee Vol 15 - Natural process Gesha from Gesha Village using the April brewer and Comandante grinder. What a coffee!! 

My recipe is designed to highlight sweetness and acidity, focusing pouring a large amount toward the last 50% of the brew. 


Brew recipe using April Pour Over Brewer

Tell us about the recipe using BRUT Coffee.

Grind 27 clicks on Comandante, heat water to 93c, rinse the paper filter and use that rinsing water to water your plants!
  1. Grind 13g of coffee using Comandante (27 clicks)
  2. Turn the kettle on to 93C
  3. Rinse the paper filter (Make sure to use the rinsing water to water your plants! )
  4. Total 200g of water divided as it follows:
    • 0’00 pour 50g, saturating all ground coffee
    • 0'40 pour 50g as a straight centre pour
    • 1'10 pour 100g (30g as a circle, 70g in the middle of dripper)

 Total brew time 2:50


Please describe the notes.

Hot - Blueberry, honey and nectarine. The nose was very floral in a slightly herbaceous way, with notes like honeysuckle and perfume.

Cool - A distinct honeycomb sweetness came through, along with dried berries, raisins and dried flowers on the nose.


Any special tips?

The pouring structure I used in this recipe helps highlight the lighter and brighter notes of the coffee! This is thanks to putting more energy in toward the end of the brewing cycle.

With this dripper, centre pours are your friend. They will help speed up the draw down and reduce any astringency! This technique also works with other flat bed brewers to help speed them up too.

For water, I've been using Aquacode with plain filtered water for a sparkly and clean cup!


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