Panama CCD Geisha N15 Extended Static Cherry Natural

Panama CCD Geisha N15 Extended Static Cherry Natural


Panama CCD Geisha Nano Lot 15 Extended Static Cherry Natural

[ 1 ] Coffee

Country: Panama
Project: Creativa Coffee District
Farmer: Enrique Pretel
Nano Lot: 15
Variety: Geisha
Process: Extended Static Cherry Natural
Region: Boquete, Chiriqui


[ 2 ] Notes

Roast degree: Light
Flavor notes: Mango - Strawberry - Cherry
Body ●●●●●
Sweetness ●●●●●
Balance ●●●●○

[ 3 ] Story 

Creativa Coffee District

Creativa Coffee District is a new exciting project started by the same people behind the La Palma y El Tucan in Colombia. 

This particular nano lot is a part of "Game The Change" program. They work with collaborating producers in Buquete, in this case the farmer Enrique Pretel.

Producers bring their beautifully ripe cherries at CCD mill and the work begins.

Firstly, the cherries are assessed to ensure the quality. They need to be an average Brix levels of 18 and pH above 4.5 to pass the first quality check. After this, each lots are assign to one of four fermentation methods; Static, Dynamic, Chilled and Intrinsic.

Each methods were developed to bring truely unique profiles to the specialty coffee market.



For this process, the ambient environment is crucial. We seal the cherry into steel tanks, with no oxygen present. By creating an anaerobic environment, we allow certain bacteria and yeast to develop at a slower rate. This means we are free to experiment with different durations, in this case an average of 24 to 72 hours. These relatively short fermentations lend a subtle vibrancy to the profile, due to the prevalence of lactic acids in the cherry. 



When we allow these fermentations to sit untouched for longer periods of time, we see the profile completely change. As the pH levels drop and the acids change, more complex flavors arise, bringing a shining effervescence to the cup. It’s after 72 hours that these changes become apparent, with some batches left to ferment up to 216 hours.



[ 4 ] Brewing

Grind Particle Size Guide
V60/Kalita > Aeropress > Clever Dripper > Plunger / French Press

Coffee to Water Ratio
55-60g of coffee: 1L of water

Grind size - Table Salt like / Coffee 12g: Water 200g / Water temp 93C / Inverted method. Steep 2min and quick stir and push

-Clever Dripper
Grind size - Table Salt like / Coffee 12g: Water 200g / Water temp 93C / Steep 2min and drain

-Plunger / French Press
Grind size - Table Salt like (finer than above)  / Coffee 60g: Water 1000g / Water temp 93C / Steep 5min, gently push down the crust with a spoon, plunge it gently 

Grind size - Coarse ground pepper-like/ Coffee 15g: Water 250g / Water temp 91C / Total brew time 2:00-2:30. Pour water in 4 phases, keep the water level above the coffee bed.


Trouble Shooting

If the coffee tastes:
  • Too weak and dry finish ➞ Grind Finer
  • Too strong and sour ➞ Grind coarser
But keep the coffee to water ratio always the same.



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