BRUT Coffee vol.12 cancelled

BRUT Coffee vol.12 cancelled
About 3 months ago, I was so excited to purchase this particular lot from Kenya.
Because Kenya is one of my favourite origin.

Everything was ready and I was about to release vol.12 Kenya AA earlier this week.
However, when I roasted it for production the first time, I wasn’t quite happy.
I knew there was something strange about it but I thought I would give it another try and roast differently this time.

It tasted better than my first roast but still not fully happy.

So I tried a few more time with slightly different profiles until I finally reach something I was happy with and would gladly enjoy every day of the week.
But when I started BRUT Coffee a year ago, my promise was to only source and roast coffees score 88-90+. Is this Kenya a 88-90+ coffee? Probably not. I would say 87 at its best.

So I decided to cancel vol.12 and move on to vol.13.

It’s hard to make these kind of decisions as this isn’t a bad coffee at all. It’s just not living up to my promise.

This is my commitment to the quality.

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