Brew coffee at home with Takumi Sakamoto

Brew coffee at home with Takumi Sakamoto

Brew Recipe using Clever Dripper 


This is the first of many "Brew coffee at home with...".

Here I would like to ask my barista friends to share their recipe using BRUT Coffee so you can make a delicious cup of coffee at home with your set up.

I will kick off this series with my all time favourite coffee brewer "Clever Dripper". I use this brewer at all of my popup events. Because it's so easy and it gives me consistently good results. Also it allows me to interact with the customer while I am brewing.

So here we go!


Please introduce yourself.

My name is Takumi, founder of BRUT Coffee and Clayboy Stoneware.

What do you do?

I run BRUT coffee all by myself at the moment. I do from sourcing coffee, roasting, photography, marketing, packing... you name

When I don't roast coffee, I make ceramics.

What is your biggest achievement?

I won the Australian Coffee Roasting Champion 2019.

What is your favourite coffee origin?

Colombia. Always there are exciting things happening in this country. New processing methods, exotic varieties...

Do you have any hobby or passion?

I honestly think about coffee 24/

What is your favourite brewing technique and brew gears?

  • Clever Dripper (Black) 
  • Comandante C40 MK3 Grinder 
  • Acaia Scale Pearl
  • Bonavita Temperature variable gooseneck kettle (I have it for 8 years, it never breaks)
  • Kinto Coffee Server

What coffee are you brewing today?

BRUT Coffee vol.10 Brazil Sebastiao Daniel da Silva Yellow Catuai Natural 


Brew recipe using Clever Dripper L

Tell us about the recipe using BRUT Coffee.

  1. Turn the kettle on to 91C
  2. Grind 30g of coffee to coarse table salt like 
  3. Rinse the paper filter, and warm up the dripper and the server
  4. Put coffee in the dripper and pour 500g of hot water (91C)
  5. Wait 2 min
  6. Push down the coffee crust gently and drain it onto the server

Could you describe the notes?

Very rich and thick body. Milk Caramel like.

Fruity notes of Mandarine and Mango, and the sweet finish lingers.

Any tips and tricks?

-The minimum effort.

Clever Dripper L fits just about 500g of water to the top. So I grind 30g of coffee and pour hot waters to the top and leave it for 2min and drain. The total brew time is around 4-5min and it makes 2.5 cups worth of coffee. It is literary the easiest brew method of all. Quick, easy, delicious.



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