Bushfire relief with Geisha Cold Brew

Bushfire relief with Geisha Cold Brew

Bushfire relief with Geisha Cold Brew

Australia has been experiencing a catastrophic bushfire for few months.

Total profit of $210 (6th -13th Jan 2020) was donated to NSW rural fire service and hope this helps to stop the fire as soon as possible to prevent further damage.

Thanks for the support everyone once again.


I also collaborated with Cold Brew Coffee specialist Eddie from Corvus Atelier to make the ultimate "Geisha Cold Brew" to raise more funds.


Geisha Cold Brew

My dear friend Ludmilla from Iggy's bread kindly offered us to sell this cold brew in her shop.

(They make the best sourdough bread and croissant in the world!! You have to go visit them if you haven't!!)

Long story short, we are fortunate enough to participate in her fundraising event to support Noel Butler who lost his property in Ulladulla in NSW, Australia.

He is an Aboriginal Elder, and he has been teaching aboriginal history and cultures for over 35 years. Now all his property, aboriginal heritage artifacts, and handmade tools are gone to ashes.

We are proud to be part of this great cause.

Thank you!!


See more info here to learn about him.

And here for know about this fundraising.

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Juju February 3 2020

This is great to see companies, big or small, do their best to support our beautiful Australia, his people and animal.

Thanks you BRUT coffee for your support.

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