Clayboy Stoneware Webshop is Open

Clayboy Stoneware Filter cup Sakura Pink/Dark Brown

Clayboy Stoneware Webshop is Open

I started making ceramics about 3 years ago.

All I wanted to make was a beautiful cup to enjoy my filter coffee.

It has been my hobby for a while, but I feel like it's time to share this passion with everyone. 


Every piece is handmade by me. 

I have created this cup for filter coffee drinker in mind. I believe that drinking in a handcrafted cup will enhance the whole specialty coffee experience.

The amount of cups I can make is very limited, and the shapes and colors may not be exactly the same. But this is what makes them so unique and personal.


I hope this will make your coffee rituals more enjoyable ; )


Clayboy Stoneware


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Coffee Geisha Variety in hand

Variety T2722

Ethiopia Faysel Abdosh Washed

Ethiopia Faysel Abdosh Washed

Jamison Savage processing Geisha CM Natural

Panama Jamison Savage Geisha CM Jasper 'Prism'


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