Colombia Carlos Estrella Geisha Washed

Coffee Farmer in Huila, Colombia


Colombia Carlos Estrella Geisha Washed

[ 1 ] Coffee

Country: Colombia
Farmer: Carlos Estrella
Farm: Finca La Estrella
Variety: Geisha
Process: Washed
Region: Narino, La Union

[ 2 ] Notes

Roast degree: Light
Flavor notes: Lemon - Blood Orange - Toffee
Acidity ●●●●●
Body ●●●●
Sweetness ●●●●●
Balance ●●●●

[ 3 ] Story 

Another stunning Colombia Geisha from Caravela coffee.

When you think of Geisha, everyone thinks of the famous Panamanian Geisha from La Esmeralda.

To me, the biggest difference between Panama and other country' Geisha is the elegance and clarity of the flavor. 

Panama Geisha has this unmistakable Jasmine flower notes and classic candied lemon.

Other Geishas has a similar flavor notes but not as obvious as Panamanian.

This Geisha from Carlos Estrella, however, is one of my favorite Colombian Geisha so far. This lot was grown at one of the highest altitudes of 2,050masl and under the shade of native plants. 

This unique condition resulted in slower maturation of cherry, thus denser bean structure.

The cup is very clean and it has a crisp acidity of lemon and blood orange. The sweetness is high and the finish is light toffee that lingers.


Farmer Carlos Estrella

Farmer Carlos Estrella was born in a coffee farmer family in Narino, region known for its unique and delicious coffee.   

In 2010, when he took over the family farm, he called it Finca La Estrella to honor his family name.

Soon, he decided to learn more about quality practices and how to cup to improve the quality of his coffee.

You may be surprised that only a handful of coffee farmers know how to cup coffee. For Carlos, being able to evaluate your own coffee and compare the difference gave him a great motivation and insight to improve all his practices.

His farm Finca La Estrella is located at an altitude of 2,050masl, one of the highest altitudes you will see from a Colombian coffee.

He believes that what makes his coffee and his farm so special is the altitude, natural reserve that surrounds his farm and his huge passion for the produce.


[ 4 ] Brewing

Grind Particle Size Guide
V60/Kalita > Aeropress > Clever Dripper > Plunger / French Press

Coffee to Water Ratio
55-60g of coffee: 1L of water

Grind size - Table Salt like / Coffee 12g: Water 200g / Water temp 94C / Inverted method. Steep 2min and quick stir and push

-Clever Dripper
Grind size - Table Salt like / Coffee 12g: Water 200g / Water temp 94C / Steep 2min and drain

-Plunger / French Press 
Grind size - Table Salt like (finer than above)  / Coffee 60g: Water 1000g / Water temp 94C / Steep 5min, gently push down the crust with a spoon, plunge it gently 

Grind size - Coarse ground pepper-like/ Coffee 15g: Water 250g / Water temp 92C / Total brew time 2:00-2:30. Pour water in 4 phases, keep the water level above the coffee bed
Trouble Shooting
If the coffee tastes:
  • Too weak and dry finish ➞ Grind Finer
  • Too strong and sour ➞ Grind coarser
But keep the coffee to water ratio always the same.


Purchase this coffee here.

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