Mystery Variety 'Java'

Coffee variety Java

Ethiopia ➡ Java ➡ Cameroon ➡ Costa Rica ➡ Panama ➡ Bolivia

Java Variety
I always thought that Java variety was a natural mutation of Typica in the Island of Java, Indonesia.

Through researching this micro-lot "Bolivia Waliki Java Coco Natural", I have learned that Java was originated from the Ethiopian heirloom variety called 'Abysinia'.

'Abysinia' was brought to the island of Java by Dutch in the early 19th century, then it mutated to 'Java' variety.

It was then brought to Cameroon and adapted for smallholder growers as it showed partial resistance to coffee berry disease (CBD).

After nearly 20 years of selection, it was released for cultivation in Cameroon in 1980-90.

In 1991, it was introduced to Costa Rica to give an option for farmers in Central America. 

However, it wasn't so attractive choice for the farmers as the CBD wasn't a present in Central America. 

Until the farmers in Panama planted this coffee at the high altitude and the potential of Java was finally recognized.

Java grown in high altitude and rich volcanic soil showed high-cup quality while maintaining the resistance to leaf rust and coffee berry disease.


It is a great alternative to Geisha variety for farmers who seek high-quality coffee and options for high-end consumers.


If you know, you know.


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Bolivian coffee farmer Pedro Rodriquez

Bolivia Waliki Java Coco Natural

Ethiopia Faysel Abdosh Washed

Ethiopia Faysel Abdosh Washed

Coffee Farmer in Huila, Colombia

Colombia Carlos Estrella Geisha Washed


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